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cable wooden drum recycling
  • ​​We offer an eco-friendly and inexpensive solution by collecting used reels; they will be repaired, refurbished and returned like new to the cable manufacturers right after going through a rigorous quality control at our center


  • We sort and replace all damaged parts, whether its staves, flanges or any missing piece to ensure quality and a new life cycle to the reel


  • Cable distributors will avoid the hassle of expensive recycling fees as we do all the job


  • Manufacturers will be able to reuse their drums and help the environment


  • Service offered all around Europe

cable drum repair on site services
  • We offer repair services within the premises of Cable manufacturing ​​companies to have a convenient and fast access to the drums when they are needed


  • Savings on the cost of disposal and landfill fees, time and transportation


  • This solution optimizes recycling, saves trees and reduces waste


  • We guarantee reliability and quality of our used drums


  • Service offered all around Europe





cable drums in kits


  • Our Cable wooden reels are usually sold assembled, however they could be sold in kits according to our customer's requirements and we could also assemble them for you at your company's premises

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