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wooden reels
Our History

  2003   EDS  was founded in the South of France selling second

             hand drums​

​  2005   Starts new wooden drums production in Latvia​, working hand in hand with local sawmills

             using timber from sustainable Latvian forests


  2006   The business moves to the North of France 

             Invests in a new factory​ in Jeumont 59460

  2007   Offers returnable drum repair services on site in

             Montereau-Fault-Yonne for General Cable Group

  2008   Invests in a new automated production line for wooden drums in

             Latvia increasing volume and quality


             Starts plywood reel production in Jeumont, France

  2009   Extension of its factory in Jeumont, France


             Starts ISPM15 heat treatment in compliance with IPPC regulations

  2011   Exports out of the EU


  2014   Invests on a second production line for wooden drums in Latvia,

             which will allow us to supply to our new customers starting in

             October 2014


  2015   We have extended our storage surface, increasing our capacity to stock more for our



             Remaining loyal to wooden packaging , we have diversified and we now manufacture

             Potato and Fruit Boxes, used for storage and preservation of potatoes, fruits and  

             vegetables in general.


  2016   Construction of a new building in the premises of Jeumont

  2018   Opening of a new repair site and warehouse in the south of France 40150 ,

             near the spanish border


             We launch our third production line in Latvia








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