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  • Used in agriculture, for storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables


  • Size: 1200 x 1200 x 740


  • Pine and Spruce exclusively  18% dried


  • All planks and poles in contact with the fruits and vegetables are planed, all 4 sides with rounded edges to avoid damage


  • We are able to manufacture custom made storage boxes, according to your needs


  • No chemical treatments on the wood, 100% natural


  • Imported Latvian timber from local sustainable forests


  • Nuts,  bolts and screws are made of zinc coated steel


  • These Boxes were built to last  (mechanical resistance of the wood, bending strength testing by cylinder, etc.)






apple storage box, palox pomme, wooden storage boxes
potato box, vegetable box, fruit box, timber box
potato boxes, vegetable and fruit box, timber box




  • Delivered in complete kits or assembled on site by one of our teams (there are significant transportation savings, when ordering in kits)


  •  Easy access by all four sides with forklift


  • IPPC - ISPM 15 heat treatment standard


  • Intermediate post and pallet base in Oak for better strength


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